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AI Systems™ Inc. is a pioneer in the AI revolution, and we are dedicated to building complex, novel, AI-based solutions to difficult problems. We do this with one simple objective:  Let’s teach machines to think.


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Alan Hamlyn

Alan Hamlyn

Co-Founder & CEO

Alan Hamlyn is a veteran technologist and entrepreneur with extensive expertise in deep-learning artificial intelligence development, big-data software development and information architecture. From 2009 until January 2015, Mr. Hamlyn served as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of MarketMeSuite Ltd., a marketing dashboard for business, where Mr. Hamlyn built a highly-scalable technology with efficient, groundbreaking development strategies, which resulted in a successful exit of the company in 2014 through the acquisition of MarketMeSuite by Localvox. Mr. Hamlyn worked closely with the acquirer of MarketMeSuite to integrate the company’s technology into the new platform. Mr. Hamlyn regularly speaks at events, including MongoDB events, the database utilized by AI Systems Inc. While previously living in the UK, Mr. Hamlyn ran a successful web development firm, and also founded “Web Source East”, the most attended Web Design event in East Anglia, UK. Mr. Hamlyn has contributed to Boston Tech Weekend as a technology mentor for young entrepreneurs.  

Evan Costaldo

Evan Costaldo

Co-Founder & President

Evan Costaldo is an innovative AI tech entrepreneur, and veteran corporate and securities attorney. Mr. Costaldo has developed and commercialized cutting edge deep-learning artificial intelligence technologies, and provided expert AI advisory services to entrepreneurs to assist with their own AI projects.  Throughout his 20 year career, Mr. Costaldo has advised entrepreneurs, private and public companies in various stages of development, investment funds and high net-worth investors, on a broad range of transactions and investment opportunities, including mergers & acquisitions transactions, corporate financings such as IPO’s, APO’s, PIPE offerings and secondary offerings, registration statements, reverse mergers, private placements, ’33 Act and ’34 Act SEC compliance, and general business, securities and corporate matters, as well as having commercialized various products, technologies and sciences.  Mr. Costaldo is admitted to practice law in the State of New York, as well as the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.  

Bill Nunney

Bill Nunney


Bill Nunney is a software craftsman who is always adding new skills to his belt and honing previous ones. Mr. Nunney focuses on developing software that works first and foremost, but also that is unique and beautiful. Testing is a core tenant of Mr. Nunney’s day to day and he is proficient in end to end, unit and functional testing. Mr. Nunney’s goal is always to bring the idea to life in a way that allows for rapid changes without sacrificing quality or affecting clients negatively. 

Matt Harris

Matt Harris

Senior Data Scientist

Sam Stanton-Reid

Sam Stanton-Reid

Senior Software Engineer

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