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We Create AI Technologies For You So You Can Focus On Your Business

Just as mechanical muscles such as heavy machinery augment humans, mechanical minds do the same.  Our AI technologies and systems can automate tedious and repetitive tasks with greater precision.

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Outsourced AI Development

Utilize our experts and to build complex proprietary AI technologies and systems at scale to an unrivaled standard.

When we work on your project, the code belongs to you. Hiring experts saves time and money in the long run. High quality, self-documented code produced at the highest standards helps train your existing develpment team by allowing them to understand exactly how it works.

Expert AI Consulting

Your team can leverage our expert advice and guidance on your complex AI project.

We can help you structure your project for growth by helping you identify key performance bottlenecks, allowing you to scale up your solution with cloud based strategies.

Model optimization is key to lowering overheads and increasing margins. We can help optimize you AI to save you and your clients money.

Dataset Generation & Data Re-sale

As you might have heard: “Data is the new oil”, powering all sorts of powerful AI applications. We specialize in dataset design and generation.

We can generate datasets for all kinds of problems, but also retain huge archives of financial data sets, image datasets and others available for resale. Please contact us below for more information.

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