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We Teach Machines to Think

AI Systems™ Inc. is deep-learning artificial intelligence technology company specializing in the development of proprietary AI systems, platforms, products, datasets and technologies, incorporating multiple disciplines and mathematical principles including data science, deep learning, neuroscience, genetic algorithms and neural networks.

The Right Technology

We believe in the right tool for the job. AI Systems™ Inc. can help you apply the right technology to solve real business problems, no matter the complexity.

We specialize in big data classification and forecasting technologies as well as proprietary deep-learning simulation solutions.


Data Classification

Object Detection & Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Predictive Modeling & Forecasting

Deep-learning & Autonamous AI Agents

Proprietary Deep-learning

Our proprietary deep-learning AI architecture teaches machines to think. Using highly efficient and realistic simulations with vast amounts of information processing, autonomous AI agents, such as our AI Trader™, can evolve intelligent emergent characteristics designed to solve the problem at hand. Our complex AI technologies can be used to solve an array of complex problems.

Deep-learning AI

High Resolution Simulations

Propretary Techniques

Fully Autonamous AI Agents

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